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Date: December 4, 2007
Subject: G&G Newsletter - "God and His Poor Church"

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God and His Poor Church

Hello All,
Received this from a friend and thought you might want to add this book to your list.

written by John Muratori "Rich Church -- Poor Church"

My dad, an Italian immigrant, worked two, and sometimes three jobs to
support the family. His work ethic, which he inherited from his father, was
simple: Get a good job, like in a factory. Stay at that job so you never
have to start at the bottom again. Strive to buy a house, then, strive to
pay it off. Keep most of your money in a safe place, like under the mattress
or in a shoebox hidden in your closet. Never risk a penny. A poverty
mentality for sure.

My dad died at a young age, never taking much time to enjoy the fruits of
his labor. Even if he had reached retirement, there still wouldn't have been
enough of a nest egg to provide even a moderately comfortable lifestyle.
Hard work over long hours just wasn't enough.

I didn't understand that back then. I just knew my parents were doing all
they could. It wasn't until much later that I realized my dad was subject to
the rules of a game he couldn't win. A system makes these rules, but it
doesn't tell you how to play the game, let alone win it. It just sucks you
in along with whole societies and cultures, governments and even religious

I grew up a devout Roman Catholic, attending church every week. Church
taught me that God had nothing to say about finances, except that we were to
give some of our money to the Church. Priests took a vow of poverty and
never spoke about wealth building or good stewardship. How would they even

This same lack of a fundamental understanding of money and its wise use
pervades denominational and non-denominational churches to this day. It
seems that believers see spirituality and prosperity as being at odds with
one another, while God sees them as totally compatible, even synergistic.

In my twenty years of ministry, I have counseled pastors up to their
eyeballs in debt. I've dealt with churches on the verge of financial ruin
and Christians incapable of growing their businesses to greater success. The
poverty mentality is pervasive and chronic. It's a cancer that must be
brought under submission and eliminated.

The Church possesses the greatest book ever written on stewardship, wealth
and finances-the Bible. It's time the Church liberates itself from the "Poor
Church" message and mentality.

This 300 + page hardback book is crammed with insight and revelation that
can revolutionize your world. John Muratori demystifies spirituality and
prosperity so you can be wealthy - God's Way. John blends decades of
business experience, intensive research and proven leadership to present you
with the specific laws that govern the entire spectrum of wealth generation.

Gary Gray
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