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Date: October 3, 2007
Subject: G&G Tax Trng Call (Form 1040)

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We have been getting great feedback on the past calls and I'm glad people are starting to see the picture. I guarantee you that if you keep learning you'll keep earning and if you keep getting on the calls I'll keep you filled with knowledge.

This week I’ll be going over the IRS form 1040. You'll truly see on the tax form how if you are an employee Uncle Sam gets paid first, but if you are the employer you get paid first. Remember, "You don't get wealthy working hard, you get wealthy working strategies."

Set whatever is necessary...STOP giving away your money to the government when you could legally be keeping thousands of dollars a year. Look at your last pay stub, did Uncle Sam take anything out for Federal & State income taxes? If so, get on the call and I'll show you how to keep it if you'd like…LEGALLY!!!

Make sure to download the form 1040 from the link below so you can have it for the conference call or you can visit our website at, click on the calendar link and download the form from there.

Tax & Financial Trng Call
October is Tax & Debt Relief Month

> Form 1040 Trng (Job vs. Business)
> Hiring your Kids in Your Business
> Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)
> Debt Terminator
> Credit Repair

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Remember, "the more you learn the more you earn, the less you know the more you owe"
S. Botkin


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