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Date: October 27, 2007
Subject: Financial Planning Workshop - Nov 10

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Hello everyone,

Here is an all day Financial Planning Seminar for those of you in the 'Washington Metropolitan Area' looking to continue your education. There will be a multitude of speakers, to include "myself" at the event. Here is a statistic released by "Kiplingers Magazine." It said, the average American spent 10 hours a lifetime learning about finances. The crazy part about that statisic is that the average American spends 40-50 hours a week, 30-40 years of their life working for finances but never learn about what they are working for. Crazy don't you think? But maybe that's the reason why they are working so hard. They never learned how to make there money work harder than they do.

Where do you fit on that time table? Do you want to be average? Have you spent less than 10 hours learning about your financial future. Hopefully come on out Nov 10, 2007 and change your life. See attached flyer for seminar information and as the date gets closer expect to get an agenda of the event.

Please call or e-mail to register for the Financial Planning Seminar sponsored by Progressive Church's Marriage Ministry. You "DO NOT" have to be married to attend and they are planning to provide day care depending on the need.

So please let them know ASAP if you are interested in attending and/or need day care for your children that day. They are planning to provide lunch and a open forum for questions.

Link for details:

Please send to others that you know are or may be interested!

God Bless

Gary Gray
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