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Date: June 19, 2007
Subject: Last Big Tax Break Conf Call....Reminder!

Why U Need a Business!

You are invited to plug in to a conference call that will literally save you Thousands of dollars a year. Tune in to learn how you can become a Business Owner from your home and save your family thousands of dollars a year on your taxes.

Get on the call Tuesday night at 9pm e.s.t and you will find out how. This call is for everyone…if you do not have a business already or even if you do have one and you do any traveling then you need to hear what you’re missing out on. Why not travel and be able to deduct it. Stop giving Uncle Sam 30-45% of your check. Do you just like giving that money away when you could be keeping it? It just doesn't make any FINANCIAL sense!

I’m passing this along because I have many clients losing $$$$THOUSANDS of dollars a year on their taxes when they could be keeping it. I’m presenting this opportunity to you as a strategy you can use to literally bring in an extra $5-15K a year in your house in tax savings alone. I’m using it every time I travel…example…I just returned from Dominica Republic Memorial Day Weekend for a 5 day 4 night vacation (Air, *5 star hotel, All Inclusive) for $549 on a travel agent rate. And I deducted every penny! You could literally travel all over the world at a discount and deduct it as well.

The date & time of the call is 19 Jun 2007, 9pm eastern standard time (please make adjustment for time zone). 712-451-6100 pin 974124#.

Visit my website for future business training calls as well because once you have the business you have to know how to operate it. June is Financial & Tax Semi-annual check-up month…you surely want to attend these training calls if you are interested in changing your financial future. The calls are free, it’s up to you to take advantage of them.


Gary Gray, RFC
Tax & Financial Consultant
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"Workers work hard enough not to get fired, owners pay enough for the workers to not quit...that's why workers never get ahead."
R. Kiyosaki


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