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Date: June 17, 2007
Subject: Real Life RFID Experience

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From a RW reader

I had no idea !!! I need to share with you what happened to me last

month. I moved down to California from Alaska and went to get a

California 's drivers license when my Alaska license was about to

expire, which it did last month. This is the experience I had:

I went online and downloaded the DMV form and made an

appointment to obtain my new California drivers license. When I

arrived for my appointment I found that they had lost big

deal...I went back to my apartment to retrieve the form...which of

course I couldn't find. So I returned to the DMV and was told I

could wait, in the meantime I turned in my application and handed

over my Alaska driver’s license. The clerk asked me for my birth

certificate. I stated I didn't have one with me, but that I had brought

my Alaska drivers license, voters registration and various other

forms of ID. The clerk told me that those weren't accepted forms

of ID and wanted to know how she was supposed to verify my

identity. I told her that my Alaska Drivers license had my photo on it

and thought that maybe that would help her out. She waved my AK

DL in front of me and stated, "California doesn't recognize this as a

Federal ID"!!! I was floored.

She told me to return with my birth certificate. I left...angry of

course. I went home and ordered my birth certificate from Nevada,

costing me $41.00. Three days later I went back into the DMV (my

AKDL was expired at this point). I took the test, passed and was going

through the process of obtaining my California license...the clerk

then asked me what last name I would be using on my drivers

license!!! Incredulously I asked her what on earth was she talking


She then informed me that the last name on my birth certificate was

different than what was on my Alaska drivers license and she didn't

know which name to use! I stared at her with my mouth open in

astonishment! I then managed to explain to her that the last name I

had been born with was called my "maiden" name...which of course

changed when I had married...thus explaining the different last name

showing on my Alaska Drivers License. She asked me if I had changed

my name back to my maiden name when I divorced and I informed her I

hadn't. She then told me that in order to give me the California

Drivers License I had to bring in a certified copy of my marriage

certificate to prove my name had indeed been changed from my

maiden to married last name! We're talking about something that

happened over 25 years ago! NOW I'm being asked to prove my name

had changed! At this point I flipped out and in a very threatening

voice told the clerk that I'd come into the DMV three freakin’ times

to get a blasted drivers license and I wasn't leaving without one. I

informed her that I was divorced and didn't even have a marriage

certificate (having gleefully destroyed it along time ago along with

my wedding pictures). And I had provided her with more than the

required two pieces of identity. I was furious! The clerk's

supervisor was sitting next to her and told the clerk to go ahead

and give me the driver’s license. At that point they required me to

submit my thumbprint to them. I complained about the lack of

freedom in this state and asked them why they just didn’t tell

everyone that in order to get a drivers license in their state we

would need to bring in a suitcase full of ID as well as blood and

urine samples to go with our thumb prints!! The supervisor then

informed me that as of May 2008 that won't be necessary as every

state will require (as per Federal Law) every driver to go to the DMV

and obtain a FEDERAL ID number, which will be implanted in the hand

of the individual!!!! They ACTUALLY told me this at the DMV!

Apparently, several years ago the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT tried to

get a law passed requiring everyone to receive a FEDERAL ID

NUMBER. It was turned down by the citizens of the United States.

Well, the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT being the lying, cheating criminals

that they are-quietly inserted that law into a bill giving federal funds

to the Katrina victims. When that bill did the requirement

to receive a FEDERAL ID NUMBER! According to that (now) law, as

of MAY 2008, every driver will be required to go to their local DMV

office to obtain a federal ID number. They must take in certified

copies of their birth certificates, marriage & divorce certificates and

social security card. They will also submit to being finger and/or

thumb printed. They will then receive their new FEDERAL ID NUMBER

to be inserted under the skin of their hand. At that time they will then

be licensed to drive!

If you choose not to participate in this FEDERAL ID will


FEDERAL BUILDINGS (that means you can't defend yourself in

Federal Courts if you don't have a FEDERAL ID number), STEP ONTO

FEDERAL LANDS (say goodbye to hiking, camping, rafting, etc....),


IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THIS LAW You MUST fight this. You have one year

to get your representatives to reverse this law. You MUST write all

your Congressmen, Senators and Representatives and DEMAND that

this "LAW" be reversed. None of us can afford to sit and ignore this



Real-Life RFID continued…

Please help yourself by getting involved. The only way we will get

our servants to return to the Republican ideals of a limited

government (we are not a democracy) is to insist that they follow

their oath of office. Sovereign Sam

Here’s a site that can assist you in contacting your representatives:

Or for US Senators go to:


for the House of Representatives go to:


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