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Date: May 22, 2007
Subject: Why U need a Business Conf Call Tonight

Hi There,

You are invited to plug in to a conference call tonight that will literally save you Thousands of dollars a year. Tune in to learn how you can become a Business Owner from your home and save your family thousands of dollars a year on your taxes. Get on the call tonight and I’ll tell you how. This call is for everyone…if you do not have a business already or even if you do have one and you do any traveling then you need to hear what you’re missing out on. Why not travel and be able to deduct it.

I’m passing this along because I have many clients losing thousands of dollars a year on their taxes when they could be keeping it. I’m presenting this opportunity to you as a strategy you can use to literally bring in an extra $5-15K a year in your houses in tax savings alone. I’m using it every time I travel…example…I’m heading to Dominica Republic Memorial Day Weekend for a 5 day 4 night vacation (Air, *5 star hotel, All Inclusive) for $549. You could literally travel all over the world at a discount and deduct it.

Is this your strategy…putting $500 a month on your 401K at work ($6000 of your money) and hopefully getting 10% rate of return (ror) then making only $600 a year in interest? Then wondering why you are coming up short in your financial goals. Or, are you willing to learn how you can invest $500 into your business for a year and saving on the minimum $2000 on your taxes alone and then getting a 400% rate of return on your investment. Which strategy looks better 10% or 400%? What math are you doing…who are you listening to? What results are you trying to achieve.

Learn how to create your own income so you will not have to depend on the government to take care of you in your retirement years. If you are interested in learning more about this strategy…then get on the call tonight and I’ll explain how this could benefit you and your household.

The time of the call is 9pm eastern standard time (please make adjustment for time zone). 319-256-0500 pin 439305#.

Visit my website for future business training calls. May is Financial training month…you surely want to attend these training calls if you want to change your financial future. The calls are free; it’s up to you to take advantage of them.

“Learning is like soap, it only works if it’s applied.”

Gary Gray
Tax & Financial Consultant, RFC
G&G Associates
877-817-6031 toll-free
866-361-3872 toll free fax

““Rich people don’t get rich by working hard, they get rich by working a strategy.”
I. Stokes


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