Monthly Cost List Size Sends Included # of Lists Features
$0 250 7,500 unlimited all
$5 1,000 15,000 unlimited all
$10 5,000 30,000 unlimited all
$20 20,000 40,000 unlimited all
$40 40,000 50,000 unlimited all
$80 100,000 100K unlimited all
$160 200K 200K unlimited all
$350 500K 500K unlimited all
$600 1MM 1MM unlimited all
Overage Cost (CPE) (CPM) Overage Tier
$0.00100 $1.00000 50,000
$0.00090 $0.90000 100,000
$0.00080 $0.80000 500K
$0.00070 $0.70000 1MM
$0.00060 $0.60000 5MM
Always Free Plan

Try the Free Version instantly and with no obligation. The Free Version does not require a credit card. There is not a sales call, demo appointment, or time trial limitation. Simply keep the list size and distribution amounts within the allowance and its always free. And, you may cancel at anytime.


All Features All Plans

All features are available with all billing levels. As your list grows, the account will seemlessly move to the next billing level. Ezine Director does not slide features in and out for different versions, plans, or price points. All customers get all features at every price level even with the free plan!


We Beat The Competition

Ezine Director will meet or beat any comparable competition's price. Generally, our standard plans are dramatically lower than competitors'. However, in that rare instance Ezine Director does not beat a competitor, simply let us know. We will make every effort to earn your business. Use the calculator to get an instant quote.


Price Philosophy

Ezine Director starts all plans at a low minimum price point and allows each customer to control cost by paying for extra sends as needed. And, Ezine Director does not charge unreasonable per email fees. Additional distribution is inline with our plans (see the overage table for details). This process occurs automatically. Therefore, a customer does not need to waste time asking for permission or buying credits.

Ezine Director does not offer "unlimited" sending plans for two major reasons. One, an unlimited plan typically costs the customer far more than is needed. Two, unlimited plans offered by competitors typically are limited either by distribution amount or features. Of course, there are customers that can utilize an unlimited plan or prefer a monthly flat fee. If that is the case for you, simply call or email us for a custom quote. Ezine Director would like to earn your business!